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Data on women's work in agri and agri-industrial sectors

I am trying to break down 'feminization of poverty' with specific reference to women workers in the agricultural sector. I know that there is very sparse gender-disaggregated data, but any help with the following would be much appreciated:

1. Would anyone have information or references to data sources on women's participation rates in the agricultural sector? And by 'agricultural sector', I would tend to include only only women who work on their own/family owned farms but also women who work in agri-based industries in most value-chains.
2. Regional variations on the above
3. Social status of the women who work in this sector (w.r.t education levels, asset ownership, access to medical care, child care, etc)
4. Literature suggests that a large number of women in export-oriented agri-industries are migrant workers. Is there any info on the migratory patterns?
5. Any other information that throws light on where women work, the kind of work they do, their living conditions, etc.

Many thanks in advance!

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Hello Aparna, just wanted to share with you this very recent report in Spanish by FAO and CEPAL on Work of rural women in Latin America with a lot of statistics. Hope there is some information in it that can be of use.

Kind regards,

Sigrid Meijer


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