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Gender in value chain specialists/experts in Indonesia or South-East Asia?

We are looking for a resource person (based in Indonesia or South-East Asia region) who can provide both training on 'gender in value chains' and support us in strategising for the incorporation of gender in VECO' Indonesia sustainable agriculture chain development programme (2011-2013).
TOR will be made available soon.

If you are interested or know people, please send an email to

Steff Deprez
VECO Indonesia

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Sounds very interesting!! Of course we are not based in south East Asia...mmm, is that a problem? :-)
Anna (KIT)
Hi There,
ILO now have a WEDGE project in SE Asia with now one trained CGVCA person, Heng Sletik, in Cambodia.
Contact, or
They will be training others so there may be more by now.
Best wishes
Hi Steff,

Maybe we can learn from eachother? We are working on gender in cotton textiles chain. And now setting up a 2nd order coop representing women groups throughout all steps in the chain to promote solidarity and use the trading platform to raise money for empowerment projects at local levels

Hope to hear


Zameen Organic
Hyderabad, India


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