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Over the previous months the membership of this online community is growing. Apparently the subject of gender in value chains is attracting interest world wide!

Together we form a veritable resource. Why not get to know each other a bit better and at the same time collect relevant resources for our work.

So don't be shy an tell us:

What is your favourite resource that helps you in your work (think of tools, literature, links to experts, ....

To reply, just make use of the comment box below and upload your documents. Alternatively for literature suggestions we prefer the URL link to the website on which the document or article is posted.

If you feel like sharing 'grey literature' you can also send an email to angelica.senders[at] or ijansen[at]

Hope to hear from you,


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Hi Angelica, could you please post these two articles on the Delicious site, I am not quite sure if I understand how it works, thanks,

They can be found at:

Prima. Zal ik doen, Angelica
Angelica, hierbij nog 3 artikelen van Marina Prieto, erg interessant voor praktisch werk rond including gender in codes of conduct
To add in English,

These articles uploaded by Sigrid are very useful for practical work on including gender in codes of conduct.
Via Beate Weisskopf I received two interesting Powerpoint presentations by Patrcia Lindo, GTZ gender consultant in Central America. I will include them in delicious as well
Ther is an growing body of gender and pro poor knowledge:
here are some of the ones I found useful:

Springer-Heinze, A. (2007) Value Links Manual, GTZ
McCormick, D. and Schmitz, H. (2001)
Veneklasen and Miller 2002,
Mayoux & Mackie 2007
Simanis 2004
Ashley and Mitchell (2008)

Web sites:">">">">

I have a whole electronic file full of documents, what is the best way to get it to the group?
best wishes
Dear Grania, Thanks I will look at this literature, we are particularly interested in material accessible on the internet. We have made a 'unique code' apf_gender, this results in the literature list you can see under 'cybrary' on the NIng. In the beginning I can tag suggested resources in delicious, of course I hope others will do the same later. I do not know whether you are familiar with delicious (social bookmarking). If not look at this link: , this short fil is very nice (delicious in plain English). We will remain in contact. Kind regards Angelica
Dear all,

Grania Mackie has just uploaded the new ILO-Guide: Making the strongest links: A practical guide to mainstr..., to our platform.



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