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Many Dutch Agri-ProFocus members, their partners overseas and other (international) stakeholders are working to improve farmer entrepreneurship in specific value chains. Gender differences and inequalities in resources and power affect the ways in which value chains operate at every level. Understanding those inequalities is critical to effectively address weak linkages that hamper upgrading quality and growth as well as poverty reduction and empowerment.


Gender and Inclusion in Value Chain Development is one of the topics of the Agri-ProFocus Cross Country Knowledge Agenda Plan (KAAP), for 2011 and 2012. Objective is (a.o.) capacity strengthening of members of the APF Agri-hubs in the respective countries). The following APF Agri-Hubs have prioritized this theme: Ethiopia, KenyaRwanda and Uganda. (click to get information about the process in each country). In these countries a gender and VCD coaching trajectory is currently running.



Watch video for an impression of GVC kick off in Nairobi, on March 29, 2012.


Target group

Which organizations qualify for the coaching track: Organizations with ongoing work in VCD and concrete plans to work on a particular value chain gender sensitive. Maximum of 10 per country for this firts phase. If succesful a secon phase will start in 2013.


Who can participate: We invite 2 practitioners per organization, preferably one gender specialist and one value chain specialist.  


Services provided

Participating organizations will benefit from:

  • 3 days of coaching by a senior gender specialist and/or a senior value chain specialist
  • A toolkit with instruments which can be used in different phases of the project cycle of a gender sensitive value chain development intervention (selecting a VC, analysis of a VC, strategizing, implementing an upgrading strategy and measuring results).
  • Peer assists or exchange visits (to other organizations in the coaching track with a similar case)
  • Literature (via access to a bibliography of relevant studies)
  • Joint sessions allowing for training and exchange of experience
  • Assistance in documentation of experiences contributing to a more in-depth learning.


The coaching track is supported by the Royal Tropical Institute and Fair and Sustainable. In country local coaches are hired.

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