Gender in Value Chains

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6.3d Enabling environment

Why applying this strategy?

Includes norms and customs, laws, regulations, policies, international trade agreements, and public infrastructure. The business environment facilitates or constrains micro- and small enterprise growing. Regulations on starting and closing a business, dealing with licenses, employee hiring and firing decisions, exporting and importing of goods, paying taxes, protecting investors, and obtaining credit have significant impact on small enterprises.


What do you gain from using it (objectives)?

  • Women have access to economic opportunities
  • Woman register their firms


Gender Based Constraints (GBC) to be addressed:

1. Women are inhibited to register their businesses

Causes/factors contributing:


Women combine household duties and business activities at the same time, so face ‘time-poverty’.

  • Identify and address policies and procedures that adversely affect either men or women.
  • Pay attention to gender differences in cost, time, and required information when streamlining the registration process.
  • Design dissemination strategies that use both men’s and women’s information channels.
  • Promote the development of business assistance programmes and partnerships that assist women entrepreneurs.

Women cannot meet the high registration costs and licensing fees.

Women are discriminated by the law; often they need their husband’s permission.

Women have less access to information.


Welke GBC zijn er nog meer? Ik heb nu alleen de registratie neergezet omdat die in de manual staat.

Causes/factors contributing:






Tools to assist in applying the strategy

open for suggestions



The government of Rwanda facilitates women’s business registration

  • The government of Rwanda is taking important steps to facilitate women’s business registration. These include appropriate opening hours that accommodate women’s schedules; hiring women staff in the registration offices; awareness campaign for women that addresses why and how to register; and registration cost recovery program to help encourage cash-constrained women to register their businesses.

Source: IFC. “Voices of Women Entrepreneurs in Rwanda,” October 2008,$FILE/7024English_Final.pdf



USAID Gate Manual

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