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GVC framework

Throughout the development of the Agri-ProFocus learning network our conceptual understanding of gender in value chains has matured. A consolidated conceptual framework has been  developed in the book: KIR/IIRR/Agri-ProFocus, Challenging Chains to Change  - Gender Equity in Agricultural Value Chain Development, 2012. See image below.

The book encapsulates the results of a process of learning started in 2008. Intermediary products include:

  1. As a result of a first phase of learning in 2008 Dutch Agri-ProFocus members loosely systematized a number of experiences (see below) with gender in value chains. Those cases together were combined with a preliminary literature review and an exchange event held in March 2009. The validated lessons learned resulted in a paper dubbed APF gender in value chains framework.
  2. Based on subsequent experiences and other inputs KIT developed a further paper called  Gender and value chains paper - Sharing work in progress, 2011
  3. As a part of the GVC book development proces KIT produced an introduction on concepts and strategies.ppt which is being used as input for GVC coaching track)


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