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Toolkit - 6 - Upgrading

6.1 Sustainable production



6.2 Market efficiency



6.3 Business climate

       Tool: Business as a direct employer

       Tool: Business as key player in a value chain

       Tool: Business and the community


Comment by Anoushka Boodhna on June 14, 2012 at 12:45

Thanks for the link to this resource.

Marketing and selling to the BoP (sensitising, raising awareness, generating an understanding of... developing products and services for...) is really important. There are a multitude of products available, from income-generating technology in the form of irrigation pumps for farming, to income-saving technology, such as solar lamps, that can and will benefit rural women's lives immensely. However, the strategy to reaching rural women (roughly speaking, the sales and marketing strategy) is one that requires a lot of more attention. How to build in-house capacity so that rural women are not seen as burdensome to the achievement of sales targets; how to design communication materials that are effective to women or at least effective to both men and women; how to carry out marketing activities and ensure that the 'hidden' or 'vulnerable' are well represented; how to manage the risk associated with potential defaults on financial services (banks and MFIs will NOT ignore this!); how to compete with the aid culture of 'handouts' prevalent amongst many deep rural communities; how to engage husbands so that women do not feel that they are sacrificing social stability for personal freedom; how to engender a positive attitude towards women managers and leaders within patriarchial communities and even organisations themselves...

I hope to understand this side of things better as time goes on.

In the meantime, I am always interested in seeing if there are any social enterprises (social mission with business processes) selling to the BoP are actively working on any or all of these issues.



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