Gender in Value Chains

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5. Upgrading

Upgrading strategies

The tools in this chapter are organized according to the following six entry-points for upgrading:

5.1 Farmers and their organizations

5.2 Entrepreneurs and processors

5.3 Lead company; CSR and gender


5.4 Business development and financial services


5.5 Certified chains

5.6 Enabling environment



Pyburn, R. and Laven, A. (2012). “Book Launch - A Woman’s Business: gender equity in agricultural value chain development”. Power point presentation to launch of an early edition of the book: KIT, APF, IIRR (2012) Challenging Chains to Change: gender equity in agricultural value chain development. KIT Publishers, Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam. Presented at the Ninzi Hill Hotel, Kigali, Rwanda. May 25 2012.

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