Gender in Value Chains

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4. VC Analysis

This chapter provides tools for value chain analysis from different disciplines: (4.1) socio economic; (4.2) value chain development and (4.3) gender. 


4.1 Data collection for value chain analysis at macro-, meso and micro level

This tool allows for the analysis of the broader economic environment of a value chain (or a sub-sector) at different levels (individual, household, community, market, national and international) and dimensions (economic, psychological, political and social).

4.2 Gender sensitive value chain mapping

The tools in this section allow for the analysis of a specific value chain, from producers to a specific consumers market.

4.3 Analyzing gender based constraints 

The Gender-based Constraints tools help to distinguish areas of gender inequality that are relevant to the efficient operation of the value chain. It identifies inequalities and subsequently the causing factors. The GbC statements help formulate actions to build a value chain with equal gender opportunities.

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