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Information Sharing on Gender in Value Chains: use our delicious tool!

Dear all,

For some time now many of us are sharing info on the online platform through the news section, the forum and on the profile pages. Well done and please continue to do so!

As part of our activities this year a literature review will take place. All resources and links relevant will be stored in our literature section which already contains quite a number of 'hits'.

To make this a participative process we use a feature called Delicious. It is a social bookmarking tool that works similar to collecting favourite links on you computer. The difference is that it is online so we can share our favourites into one joint collection. Central element is the use of one agreed tag: APF_gender (mind the underscore).

5 Simple steps to participate

  1. Register for Delicious (you need a yahoo account)!
  2. Start saving relevant bookmarks. These might be articles on the internet, books, reports, links to relevant websites or information portals
  3. Make sure you tag each resource or link with the tag APF_gender (otherwise it does not appear in the collection). You can also add additional tags (e.g. finance, coffee, certification etc.)
  4. Make sure that the title contains: author, title, and year
  5. Preferably add some text explaining what the resource refers to.

Of course the platform administrator will make sure that information shared by other means will find its way to the collection.

Let's keep sharing!

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